Our continued commitment to Otley

Liberal Democrats want Otley to remain a town where you feel safe, secure and able to be active. We see the Town Council as a facilitator that places its residents first, not itself – a Town Council that works with the community to improve our local and global environment, our economy, our infrastructure and our society. 

Advancing Otley – proposals for the next four years

Below we set out our priorities for Advancing Otley over the next four years.  They are set out as primary aims and objectives for the town in areas where the Town Council can contribute.

Some are short-term, others are medium-term, and some require long-term planning, lobbying and funding from sources outside Otley Town Council’s budget and remit. All are ambitious.

Otley Town Council elections - Liberal Democrat team of candidates 2019

Another blow to the people of Otley and Yeadon

Yeadon has in recent years lost its branches of Nat West, Yorkshire Bank and Yorkshire Building Society while Otley has lost four bank branches – Barclays, NatWest, TSB and HSBC – in four years. Now, Santander has announced closure of branches in Yeadon and Otley.

Kamran Hussain, Liberal Democrats PPC for Leeds North West said,
“This is another blow for people in Otley and Yeadon especially the elderly and vulnerable peope who are unable to use online banking services and rely upon their local branches.

In addition, many small businesses rely upon their local branch to deposit cash and cheques. This is another blow for small businesses who are already struggling to compete.

People will now need to travel much further to use the bank, causing even more congestion on the already overcrowded roads. We need an urgent government review of banking that looks particularly at how banks have a social responsibility to provide services in rural and semi-rural communities.”


kamran hussain liberal democrats

Help For Small Businesses

Leeds North West Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson Kamran Hussain is backing the national parties’ campaign to push the Government to do more to help small businesses.
Kamran said: “Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. As a local solicitor, the firm I run needs a Government that is committed to helping and supporting business and enterprise.
To help small businesses, the Liberal Democrats will give small business a tax break on their rates by moving to a land value-based commercial landowner levy, which will shift the burden onto landowners rather than tenants. We will also introduce a start- up allowance to help those starting a new business with their living costs of their first few crucial weeks of their new business. Additionally, the Lib Dems will help small businesses take on more apprentices by reforming the Apprenticeship Levy.


kamran hussain

Leeds Bradford Airport Extension Plans

Leeds Bradford Airport recently announced a range of expansion plans.
£12 million is to be invested in a new arrivals hall, this will allow larger aircraft to access the terminal and streamline passenger movement. It is part of a three stage expansion programme which could see the airport accommodating 7 million passengers by 2030. The airport also plan to expand their long stay car parks and build a petrol filling station on site.
Liberal Democrat Spokesperson Kamran Hussain said: “The Airport expansion plans will create jobs and investment for the city, this is a good thing. However, they will also affect local residents and we currently do not have the infrastructure in place to enable 7 million people to use the airport.”
Kamran said: “Roads are already hugely congested. Without significant improvements and a huge injection of funds for public transport, I fear they will become completely gridlocked. I’m also really worried about about the environmental impacts of the airport expansion along with the effect on neighbouring residential streets.”
Echoing Kamrans concerns local Councillors Colin Campbell, Ryk Downes, Sandy Lay have called a meeting with transport chiefs to insist that infrastructure investment in road and rail links is put in place.


kamran hussain liberal democrats

Save Lawnswood roundabout

Since Labour’s discredited trolley bus scheme was axed, the Government has made available £174 million for investment in public transport across Leeds. Local residents have been anxiously waiting to see proposals for our area.
Local people were stunned to see the plan to remove the Lawnswood roundabout and replace it with a multi lane traffic light controlled cross roads.
Local residents have formed a “Save the Lawnswood Roundabout” campaign and are vigorously opposing the plans.

save lawnswood roundabout

Policing for the future

The Liberal Democrats have demanded that the Chancellor increases funding for community policing when he delivers his Budget on Monday.

In respect of the report from the Home Affairs Select Committee called ‘Policing for the future’, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey MP said:

“Unnecessary Conservative police cuts have already made our streets less safe. The Home Office’s own analysis shows that police cuts have likely contributed to the rise in serious violent crime, yet the Conservatives continue to squeeze forces’ budgets.

kamran hussain liberal democrats