Kamran’s view on Modern Slavery

Kamran’s view on Modern Slavery

The Home Office has this week published a report, which estimates that modern slavery (including labour exploitation, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude) is estimated to cost the UK between £3.3 and £4.3 billion a year.

And the number of victims of this has been estimated between 10,000 and 13,000 people (though in reality the numbers may be much higher).

The Home Office report lays bare the huge costs of modern slavery to both our society and our economy. The extent of slavery in the UK today rightly appals us. Theresa May once called it ‘the great human rights issue of our time’, but many of her own policies are now undermining efforts to tackle it.

The Conservatives’ ‘hostile environment’ policies, cuts to the police and the Border Force, and their insistence on a destructive hard Brexit, all make it more difficult to protect victims and put human traffickers behind bars.

We demand better in the fight against modern slavery and call on Theresa May to abandon these harmful policies, so we can end slavery in the UK once and for all.

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