Kamran Hussain is the Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds North West.

Meet Kamran Hussain

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Welcome to my website.


I believe that every child has unique potential and as a Liberal I want to work to ensure that Liberal ladders of opportunity are planted so everyone can reach their potential.


I want you to join with me to ensure that a strong diverse Liberal Democrat voice is heard here in Leeds and nationally to champion those opportunities.


One of the greatest things about the Liberal Democrats is that they believe that no one shall be enslaved by conformity. I believe that this is a great Liberal value and that we should all shout about from the rooftops and say to every child born: be who you want to be, do what you want to do and don’t let society tell you who you are or put barriers in your way to what you can achieve.


I am proud that this country is enriched with diversity and that people are given equal opportunities to succeed irrespective of their gender, religion, race, colour, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. I believe in building bridges between the various communities and not creating walls. And throughout my life, I am proud to say I have brought people together.


I was lucky to be born into a Liberal family. And it is the liberal values that I want my two young children to learn as they grow up in this world. As parents, we want our children to enjoy the benefits that we have enjoyed, from having a good education to travelling abroad. And a good education is a key to opening doors.


I was lucky to have attended local catholic schools. I was the first in my family to attend university. I am now a managing partner in a Headingley (Leeds) based law firm and have recently been nationally recognised for my work. I am proud to have beaten off competition from across the UK to win The British Muslim Awards 2018.


I am passionate about Europe and was privileged to lead the EU Referendum Campaign for Yorkshire and Humber Liberal Democrats. I believe that we are stronger, safer and better together and our children should continue to enjoy the opportunities that we have taken for granted.


The British public are quite right to be worried about the future. Brexit has brought uncertainty, NHS is lacking the funding it needs, and we are becoming less safe in our communities. In our proud nation, divisions sadly do exist, between the rich and poor, north and south and of course leave and remain areas. Brexit has brought these differences to the forefront. The Conservative Government, which is engulfed in deep divisions has made a mess of the negotiations. And our children will suffer the consequences.


I believe the Government must rise above internal political divisions and work with others to ensure that we can reach a deal that is both workable and in the interests of our children. And the deal, should ultimately be put to the people in a people’s vote. And if the people decide that the deal is not good enough, then they should have the option to Exit from Brexit and remain in the European Union.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.


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Kamran Hussain - A fresh voice for Leeds North West
Kamran Hussain - A fresh voice for Leeds North West
It was a tough election and in Leeds North West, we were squeezed by both Labour and Tory. Despite this, nearly 10,000 voters placed their trust in me. I am grateful to them.

I will continue to campaign to create a bright future for our children and grandchildren. We owe it to them!
Kamran Hussain - A fresh voice for Leeds North West
Kamran Hussain - A fresh voice for Leeds North West
Lib Dems to use £50 billion regional fund to invest in Leeds and Wharfedale

The Liberal Democrats would use an ambitious £50 billion regional growth fund to invest in Leeds and Wharfedale, according to local candidate Kamran Hussain.

The Liberal Democrats, who are fighting their campaign on a platform to Stop Brexit to build a brighter future, have earmarked £50 billion to reverse regional under-investment from the Conservatives.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Leeds North West said it is "vital our communities are not left at the back of the queue".

This £50 billion ring-fenced by the party will go towards major, sustainable infrastructure projects, such as electrifying railways, increasing the availability of charging points for electric vehicles and improving broadband access.

Kamran Husain said:

"For far too long people have seen our area miss out on the investment it needs. Successive governments, be they red or blue, have failed to listen to local needs, neglected our public services and hung our community out to dry.

"People deserve better. It is vital our that we are not left at the back of the queue.

"That is why the Liberal Democrats are prioritising an ambitious £50 billion regional growth fund. If elected, I will fight tooth and nail to invest this money is invested in Leeds and Wharedale.

"That is the brighter future our communities deserve, not the uncosted promises of the other parties."

Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Ed Davey added:

"Any form of Brexit, whether red or blue, will make Britain’s economy weaker and people poorer.

“Neither Labour or the Tories can square their spending promises today with the cost of Brexit. They are writing promises on cheques that will bounce.

“In contrast, every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit, build a brighter future and invest billions into our vital public services.”
Kamran Hussain - A fresh voice for Leeds North West
Kamran Hussain - A fresh voice for Leeds North West
Labour’s plans for its first 100 days are built on a fallacy. They cannot invest vast sums in our public services while also subjecting our country to greater uncertainty as they pursue a new Brexit deal.

Their wish-list for Government grows ever longer and longer, but we know that the Institute for Fiscal Studies has said their plans aren’t credible and would simply take our country backwards.

The Liberal Democrats would stop Brexit and use the money from the £50bn Remain Bonus to properly invest in our public services. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to build a brighter future and a fairer society.