Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords have rightly tabled an amendment to the Government’s Article 50 Bill, demanding ministers publish details of how their Brexit strategy will impact on local funding and economic growth in regions across the UK.

Yorkshire and Humber is a major recipient of EU investment and was due to receive approximately £670 million by the end of the current funding round in 2020.

The Government has said it will underwrite EU-funded projects signed before the UK leaves the EU, but has failed to clarify how it will replace EU funds after Brexit. Instead ministers have said the Government will “take [it’s] own decisions about how to deliver the policy objectives previously targeted by EU funding”.


The Government’s stance is deeply worrying as it is refusing to guarantee post Brexit regional funding for Yorkshire and the Humber. Funding from the EU has been a lifeline for our region, building new infrastructure, training our young people and creating jobs.


The Leave campaign claimed this funding would continue, but now it seems these promises could disappear into thin air.


Liberal Democrats will use this bill to hold ministers’ feet to the fire and ensure Yorkshire and Humber isn’t short-changed after Brexit.

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