Kamran’s view on school funding

Kamran’s view on school funding

Across Yorkshire and The Humber, one of the biggest issues on the doorstep is cuts to school funding. This is damaging children’s futures.

At the General Election, the Liberal Democrats argued for extra investment of £7bn in school and college budgets to ensure that no school would lose funding. We could then give more support to children from disadvantaged backgrounds through the pupil premium.

It’s one of the many stark differences between the Coalition Government and the hard-right Conservative Governments which have followed.

Where Liberal Democrats protected schools funding in real terms, our research now shows it falling in more than half of English local authorities. Teachers and teaching assistants are being laid off. And parents are being asked to make a financial contribution to their schools to keep them going. This must stop. Decent, free school education is key to ensuring each generation can do better than the last.

These elections are a chance for parents and teachers to send a signal to the Government on schools. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to give schools the funding they need.

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