Kamran’s view on Empty Housing

Kamran’s view on Empty Housing

The Liberal Democrats this week have pressurised the Conservative Government to take decisive action on empty houses, by giving new powers to councils.

Under pressure from the Liberal Democrats, the government has accepted the principle of an amendment from Liberal Democrats Peers, Baroness Pinnock and Lord Shipley to set in place an escalator of council tax charges. This would mean that the longer the property was left empty, the more council tax would have to be paid. This follows on from the speech by the party leader, Vince Cable MP last week, who called for an increase in council tax for properties that have deliberately been left empty.


We are pleased that the government has finally listened and accepted the Liberal Democrat amendment in the House of Lords. This is an important step in tackling the housing crisis. The housing crisis is a human crisis, with thousands of people unable to afford a home of their own, trapped in temporary accommodation or worse, sleeping on the streets. And by bringing more empty properties into use, helps save precious green belt from development.

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