Kamran’s view on Brexit

Kamran’s view on Brexit

Thousands lined the streets of Leeds on Saturday to demonstrate against Brexit. We must thank the organisers, the police and other bodies for allowing this to happen.

With 12 months to go, the Prime Minister and her Government have failed to tell us what sort of relationship we will have in the future with our neighbours and friends in mainland Europe.

The transitional agreement simply pushes negotiations on our future relationship off further, with Britain still following EU rules for another 20 months without having a say in the rules.

We risk losing the European Single Market, which we fought to create, and which makes it easy for our businesses to operate in.

In pursing Brexit, the government has allocated £3bn to expand the civil service to cope with leaving the EU. This is money that could have been spent on the NHS and in our schools. More will be spent on recreating UK agencies to replace those we shared with our neighbours.

The Leave campaign promised that ‘independence’ from the EU would be easy and that Britain would remain inside the Single Market and the Customs Union. However, they and the Government have insisted that we must leave both, without explaining the implications of doing so.

Liam Fox and David Davis told us that we would have free trade agreements with other major countries by the time we left the EU. Instead, President Trump is putting up trade barriers, the Indian Government has made it clear that it will expect greater freedom for migration to Britain in return for more open trade, and China sees the UK as weaker outside the EU.

For hard-line Brexiteers, little else matters beyond ‘freeing’ the UK from the EU. For the rest of us, we see our children’s future, jobs, peace and security at risk from being isolated. It is why we will continue to fight for an Exit from Brexit.

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