Demand Better For The NHS

kamran hussain

Demand Better For The NHS

Demand better for the NHS

Last year the NHS celebrated its 70th birthday but at no time in its existence has its future been more in doubt. The number of cancelled operations is growing, whilst waiting times are on the increase. Leeds NHS Trust is ranked 89th out of 131 trusts for the time it takes to be treated in A&E – as the hospitals struggled to cope.
The Conservatives are failing to give our doctors and nurses the support they need.


Meanwhile the Labour Party, who started the crisis through privatisation, have failed to come up with a costed plan to fix our NHS.
Health campaigner Kamran Hussain said: “We urgently need more resources for our NHS and only the Lib Dems are offering that right now.
The Lib Dems are calling for a new NHS and Social Care Tax. This would put just 1 penny on Income Tax but  raise billions of pounds that will go straight to the NHS to protect it’s future.

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