Continued commitment to Otley

Continued commitment to Otley

Liberal Democrats want Otley to remain a town where you feel safe, secure and able to be active. We see the Town Council as a facilitator that places its residents first, not itself – a Town Council that works with the community to improve our local and global environment, our economy, our infrastructure and our society.

Advancing Otley – proposals for the next four years

Below we set out our priorities for Advancing Otley over the next four years.  They are set out as primary aims and objectives for the town in areas where the Town Council can contribute.

Some are short-term, others are medium-term, and some require long-term planning, lobbying and funding from sources outside Otley Town Council’s budget and remit. All are ambitious.

We know that Otley is a great place to live but there is more that can be done to make it even better. Here are our priorities for Advancing Otley:

  • Produce and begin to implement a plan to make Otley a Carbon Neutral Town by 2030, in line with our declaration of a Climate Emergency as a priority for action and working with partners across our community;
  • Complete the production of the Otley Neighbourhood Plan;
  • Develop a Digital Otley Strategy that supports the future needs of local business and the community and encourages inward investment by tech companies;
  • Produce and begin to implement our StreetVision2030 project, to make Otley a safer place for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers by slowing down traffic and segregating cyclists wherever practical;
  • Maintain vigilance on all infrastructure and housing developments in Otley, advocating the highest standards of low-carbon development in line with our Carbon Neutral 2030 objective;
  • Investigate options for identifying and securing a permanent, cost-effective home for the Town Council that has scope for wider community use, as present leasing arrangements on offices come to an end in 2023;
  • Maintain our commitment to investing in our community, well-being and community infrastructure, through our Community Fund, our Investing in Otley Fund and through our ownership of Beacon Hill;
  • Maintain our approach of careful husbandry of the public’s money entrusted to us, through tight management of administration and overhead costs and budgetary control;=
  • Work with our business support agencies and local businesses to continue to develop the attractiveness and viability of our town centre, recognising the challenges that all town centres currently face and maintaining an open-minded approach to change;
  • Maintain our efforts to attract more visitors to Otley with promotions, support for cultural, sporting and community events and being vigilant in ensuring our offer to visitors continually improves.


Cllr Ray Georgeson, Chair of the Otley Liberal Democrats on Otley Town Council for the last four years, said:

“I am proud on behalf of the Liberal Democrat team to launch our manifesto Advancing Otley.  In launching our proposals, I can say it has been a privilege to lead the Group who have worked hard together for Otley, not just in the last four years but in producing this document that sets out our strong record of delivery and our priorities for the next term.  Our team of fifteen – a full slate of candidates – is made up of a blend of experienced councillors and new candidates also with ideas, enthusiasm and commitment to our town.”

Our manifesto – Advancing Otley – restates our ambition and commitment and sets out a clear ten-point plan of priorities that are within the remit of the Town Council, all of which will further advance our community, our economy, and our environment.”

Click here to read our Advancing Otley manifesto.

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