Class Size Increases

Class Size Increases

Shocking figures have revealed that the number of pupils in classes over 30 continues to soar.

The figures show that 344,000 secondary school pupils are now being taught in class sizes over 30, up 21% compared to two years ago and over one in nine secondary school children are now being taught in a class of over 30.

In addition, the number of pupils being taught in classes of 36 or more has risen by 18% over the last two years, from 17,700 to 21,000.

The overcrowding is expected to only get worse as a result of cuts to the average secondary school of £291,000 per year by 2020, the equivalent of six teachers per school.

This Conservative Government is treating our school children like battery hens.
Hundreds of thousands of children are being taught by overworked teachers in overcrowded classrooms, but Theresa May doesn’t care. Conservative cuts will mean class sizes will only grow larger as schools are forced to lay off more teachers in the years ahead.

The government must rethink these heartless cuts to our schools. Theresa May found £1billion for the DUP to cling onto power, she can find the cash to protect school budgets and keep class sizes down.

Children are the future. It is critical that they receive the best start to life. The Liberal Democrats are committed to investing £7 billion extra in children’s education and would triple the Early Years Pupil Premium. The Conservatives on the other hand are making cutbacks which have resulted in the growth of class sizes. This cannot continue. If we want to compete in the world, we must invest in our children.



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