Fighting for an exit from Brexit

Kamran Hussain is passionate about Europe and was humbled to have led the EU Referendum Campaign for Yorkshire and Humber Liberal Democrats.

According to Kamran, voting to leave was a huge blow to the dreams and aspirations of many in this country including the young.

Reflecting back on the referendum campaign, Kamran said, “When Leave was campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union, they were talking about tighter border controls and a future in which Britain opened trade doors to the world. However, the reality is very different.

As the Conservative Government remains divided and without a coherent plan, they provide conflicting views as to what Brexit will look like.

Whilst they fight among themselves, significant concerns remain both within and outside of parliament. Every industry and sector will be affected, and the challenges are real. The universities are desperate for funding, farmers don’t know where they are going to find seasonal labour and businesses are moving operations abroad. Thousands of jobs are being lost and the UK’s public finances will descend into greater debt.


Both small and large businesses across the UK are already feeling the impact of the government’s mismanagement of Brexit and are struggling to balance the books. Small businesses create substantial employment in the private sector and are highly exposed to the potentially less favourable trading relationship with the EU after Brexit.


The uncertainty over the status of EU nationals living in the UK, is preventing businesses from planning their human resources into the future. Businesses have a right to make the appropriate investments in staff based on clear government policy.


The Brexit threat is real. Never has a threat affected the whole of British industry at the same time. Yet, the Conservative Government continues to float ideas and voice its doubts in public as if this were all some kind of experiment.


There is no doubt in my mind that Britain and Europe have grown closer over the years and the ultimate divorce will have far reaching consequences then one can imagine.


The Liberal Democrats remain clear that the British Public should have their say on the final deal. Voting for a departure is not the same as voting for a destination. The British people have a right to know the answers before deciding on whether the deal on offer is right for them, their family, their community and our country.”

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